I:33 Falling Under in Blender

  • Priest is in Under Arm, Scholar in Half Shield.
    Priest is in Under Arm, Scholar in Half Shield. 
  • The Priest falls under the Scholar's sword. From here he can enter.
    The Priest falls under the Scholar's sword. From here he can enter. 
  • Priest enters with a thrust.
    Priest enters with a thrust. 
  • The full sequence.
    The full sequence. 
  • This is how the first shot is arranged in Blender.
    This is how the first shot is arranged in Blender. 
  • Source image: Folio 2r from I:33 (held at the Royal Armouries)
    Source image: Folio 2r from I:33 (held at the Royal Armouries) 

I'm studying the I:33 Sword & Buckler manual using Blender. I came across a website which had 2d flow charts with original pictures and modern graphics showing foot and sword movement. I figured that a 3d interpretation would be even better. The pictures above are proof of concept. 3d allows viewing the action from various angles, and could add clarity to the path of the sword, and stepping. Even clearer once I animate it. What I like best about a CG interpretation is that I can correct my mistakes quickly. This isn't as easy with live video. Take my interpretation with a grain of salt. I am a student, not a master.

The technique shown above is known as falling under the sword. It is illustrated by a Priest, on the left, and a Scholar. The Priest starts with the sword under his arm, in 1st ward. He brings his sword out to bind with the Scholar's. The Scholar's position is a counter known as Half Shield.  Having fallen under the sword, the Priest can enter.

The orginal Latin text is:

Custodia prima retinet contraria bina,
Contrarium primum halpschil langortque secundum,
Dum ducitur halpschilt cade sub gladium quoque scutum,
Si autem uis edoceri consilio sacerdotis tunc religa et calca.

Which translates to:

The first ward has two counters,
The first counter being Half Shield, the second Long Point,
If Half Shield is executed, fall below both sword and shield,
But if you would be instructed by the priest's counsel, do bind and enter.

The I:33 goes on to explain other options for the Priest, and counters for the Scholar.

Freywild's I:33 translation
Wiktenauer's higher quality images
A Partial, Possible Interpretation of the I.33 Manuscript (contains the flowcharts that inspired me)

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I've attached the Blender file used, feel free to download and use it.


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Here's an example of how a 3d version of the I:33 could be done. If you don't see anything it may be because you are using Internet Explorer or Safari, try switching to a modern browser like Firefox or Chrome. Be patient too, it may take a little while to load.

Left click and drag to rotate the model.
Scroll wheel to zoom. A little tricky as sometimes the page will scroll instead. Try pointing directly at the Ogro character.

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I'm now working on a structure for my interpretation of the I:33. Then it'll be cutting out characters, rendering them, and making up web pages. I will use a similar layout to what you see above.

I'm putting off clever animation. That will come later.

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See my progress at I.33.


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