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Thursday, September 13, 2012 - 07:25

Sword and Shield (2011), by Agilitas.tv, covers basic principles and techniques of sword and buckler combat. It is 85 minutes long. It draws mostly from I.33, but it discusses other manuals as well. It doesn't cover the entire I.33, but it does take the time to suggest how to stand, how to move, when to strike, how to strike etc. They show techniques from a variety of angles, at a variety of speeds. It also shows solo drills for practicing.

This DVD has four parts:-

  1. Historical Introduction
  2. Anatomical and Physical Basics
    - Biomechanics I: Pressue, Strength & Weakness
    - Biomechanics II: Reach
    - Biomechanics III: Cutting technique & Posture
  3. Martial Basics: Wards, Actions, & Tactics
    - Right Shoulder
    - Distance and Tempo
    - Follow-up actions from the bind
    - Left Shoulder
    - At the chest
    - Underarm
    - Revision of Wards and Attacks covered so far
    - Reflections on Tactics
  4. Appendix
    - Appropriate Equipment
    - Freeplay

If I had to choose between this and the Obsesseo DVD I would choose this one. It's coverage of biomechanics, stances, tactics, and technique are deep. Following this interpretation I feel that I have better balance, and I'm better able to work from binds, or follow up a retreating opponent. I found myself watching Obsesseo and trying out the I.33 moves in it through the methods shown in Sword and Shield. Despite that, I still think that Obsesseo is a good buy because it shows more of the I.33 manual.

Not only do Agilitas explain in depth, but they also explain what makes early S & B manuals like the I:33 different from the later manuals. Of which a key difference is that early teachers recommended that the buckler cover the sword hand, whereas some later teachers recommended moving S & B independently. This depth makes it easier to know when to apply the techniques of the DVD and when they need to be changed for different tactical scenarios.

In summary, I am pleased to own this DVD. I feel it has enriched my understanding of fighting with Sword & Buckler. I believe I am a better fighter for having watched and applied it's teachings.

DVD Website: Hammaborg

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