Using Blender for 3d Crystal Proofs

  • A proof of Blender's Suzanne inside a 3d crystal
    A proof of Blender's Suzanne inside a 3d crystal 

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Monday, June 18, 2012 - 05:45

The software, LaserImage 3.0, that came with works, Trophy Specialists & Engraving, LE-2 3d laser from Lelee doesn't do nice proofs. So I'm making a virtual stage in Blender (this software is free :). This post is just to show my progress so far.

To render a point cloud I'm using particles and setting the type to hair. By making the hair short I can give the effect of points in a crystal. Another way to do this might be to use dupliverts. The blender file I've uploaded doesn't have hair, this is to keep the filesize down.

For creating engravable objects I find it helpful to subdivide my blender meshes to a small size. Once I've imported them into LaserImage 3.0 I have the option to put points on faces, and/or lines, at set distances. This turns the model into a point cloud. If I don't subdivide then I get triangular lines in the engraved product

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