Chamaemelum nobile


Common names: 

  • Roman Chamomile

Grows to about 30cm in height.
Spreads via stolons and seeds.
Germinates easily when grown from seed.
It can be a groundcover if trimmed with shears or by a mower on it's highest setting.
Leaves and flowers have a nice fragrance.
Can make a calming tea with it.
Full sun.
Grows on heavy clay to rich loamy soils. I haven't tried on sandy soil.
Tolerates frosts down to at least -3c
Flowers from late spring through to early autumn in Palmerston North, NZ. Flowering season will vary due to climate.

Plants go straggly after flowering and bare patches may appear in the bed. To avoid this consider trimming weekly by about the width of your hand until the plants are about 10cm above the ground. Leave the cuttings in place along with the seed heads will mean there are seeds around to cover any bare patches.

It grows well when sown along with grass seed in a lawn. Don't expect to see flowers if mown regularly... but it sure smells good when lying on the lawn and whilst mowing.

Chamaemelum nobile
Chamaemelum nobile seedheads
Chamaemelum nobile seedlings
Chamaemelum nobile seedling
Chamaemelum nobile seedlings
Chamaemelum nobile seedling
2015-11-29 Chamaemelum nobile bed created from a mix of seeds and transplants from elsewhere in the garden. It has been clipped over winter to encourage the plants to spread over the bare soil.
2015-11-29 Chamaemelum nobile bed with plants having shot up during spring and two days before flowering
2015-12-24 Chamaemelum nobile bed in flower
2017-03-17 Chamaemelum nobile bed gone to seed
2017-04-02 Chamaemelum nobile bed after 1st trim
2017-04-08 Chamaemelum nobile bed after 2nd trim
2017-04-17 Chamaemelum nobile bed after 3rd trim
2017-04-23 Chamaemelum nobile bed after 4th trim