Create Text for Subsurface Laser Engraving

Last modified

18 November 2023
Layered and arrayed text.

Layered and arrayed text.

Text that is extruded and arrayed looks sharper when subsurface laser engraved than text that is in layers. This is because extruding the text creates faces that are in line with the viewers eye. These fill with engraved points that make the edges appear crisp. This tutorial shows how to create this effect using Blender.

Add Text


Add text

The menu for adding text.

2d text

2d text.

Extrude the Text

Select the text tab from the Properties Panel and extrude it. Experiment with the distance for best results.

Extrude text

Text panel showing where to find the extrude function.

Extruded text

Extruded text.

Array the Text

Go to the Properties Panel

and select the Modifiers tab and add an Array Modifier

adjust the count to 5

Change the relative offset so that it is 1 on the Z axis

Array text

The Modifier panel with an Array Modifier set up.

Arrayed text

Arrayed text.

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